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1. Gastrocnemius- Muscle in your upper calf.

2. Deltoid- Shoulder muscle

3. Biceps- Muscle located in your inner upper arm.

4. Triceps- Muscle located in your outer upper arm.

5. Phalanges- Bones in your fingers and toes.

6. Quadriceps- Muscle located in your thigh.

7. Hamstring- Muscle located on back of your upper thigh. Opposite of quadricep.

8. Patella- Knee Bone

9. Mandible- Jaw bone

10. Clavicle- Collar bone

11. Pectoralis- Chest muscle

12. Abdominals- The upper and lower abdominal muscles are located in the stomach.

13. Scapula- A bone located in your upper back. You have two scapulas. One on each side.

14. Femur- Longest and strongest bone in your body. Goes from your hip to your knee.

15. Cranium- Your skull and head bones.

16. Calcaneus- Heel Bone

17. Soleus- Muscle located on the back of the lower leg. Below where the gastrocnemius is

18.Humerus- Upper Arm Bone 

19. Radius- Bone located in lower arm on thumb side

20. Ulna- Bone located in lower arm on pinky side

21. Hyoid- free floating bone below your chin

22. Obliques- Side muscles

23. Sacrum- Upper portion of the tail bone

24. Tibia- Bone in the lower leg on the toe side

25. Fibula- Bone in the lower leg on the small toe side

26. Sternum- Bone located in center of chest.

Physical Education

P.E. Teacher: Bob O'Brien





Monday Smile Mile

Join us every Monday at the turf field.  The run will begin around 3:10 or when all of the runners seem to be ready.   Please let me know if this is your first run so that I will be able to take your picture for the "Smile Mile" wall.


California Fitness Gram Testing Dates for 5th Grade

All parents should have received a notice from our district regarding this event.

Heart Beat Week

My 12th annual "Heart Beat Week" has come and gone.  Another geat week of excersise and heart related connections.  Over a thousand valentines were sent to John Muir Hospital and the support from them is legendary.  I have been contacted by their relations department for recognition of our community influence and they are submitting our efforts to the national "Magnet" program.  Only 5% of hospitals nation wide receive this honor and we will be part of that recognition.  As we learn during "Heart Beat Week" there are two parts of the heart.  The "Thumping, Pumping,"  and the "Sharing, Caring."   Thanks to all the Caring Kids at Sycamore Valley, we really did "Lift Hearts" that week.